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Jen Robinson


Originally from MI, but creating roots in VB for the past 20 years. I have always felt it’s important to give back to your community. I attended the very first fundraiser, Cupcakes & Cocktails back in 2014 and knew CWW was going to be a beneficial part of our community. I’ve enjoyed watching and participating in the tremendous growth year after year.
A survivor of many things. I believe volunteering is the secret to healing for whatever someone might be going through. The secret to living is giving. We are here at CWW to help end generational trauma for those in foster care. To provide opportunities, experiences and to help them grow. Most importantly to be positive role models and show the children and young adults that they are the authors of the next chapter of their story.
My wheels are always turning for CWW. Since 2014 I’ve enjoyed making connections between CWW, friends and local businesses. Including one of my own businesses. A large number of my clients have donated their time and services to CWW since its inception. Showing up year after year at the events and fundraisers. I’m honored to continue to support CWW.
Spare time is minimal, but when I have it I enjoy photography, swinging some heavy kettlebells, talking about healing with essentials oils, hot yoga and sending out a hand written card to friends.

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