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programs and events

We've set up various programs to address the everyday needs of children in local foster care. From youth groups to supplies and furniture, we strive to provide for children in local foster care on a daily basis to help them live and grow comfortably. We also host and arrange special, annual events for foster youth to celebrate, learn, socialize, and enjoy.

why you should help

Foster care is an essential social service designed to keep some of our most vulnerable and underprivileged youth safe. It is intended to be a temporary placement solution for them to remove them from abusive, neglectful, or generally unfit living situations. Some children spend most or all of their childhood in foster care, often without a traditional family to rely on and thrive with.

These children have not chosen this path, but we can help to brighten the path. Connect With a Wish is here to give our community an avenue to connect with these children in foster care on a level where we can make a difference in their lives. 

We rely on community support from compassionate individuals like you to help us make the difference. Whether it's volunteering, donating, or sharing our mission with those around you, we rely on channeling the community's warmth into brighter days and stronger futures for local children in foster care.

about connect with a wish

Connect With a Wish was founded in 2014 as an initiative to grant a wish to every child in Virginia Beach foster care. Since then, we have expanded and taken on important new projects to address more needs in the system, Today, we use community support to run various programs and special events.


Our aim is to partner with local foster care systems to provide opportunities, resources, and support that may otherwise be less available to children in foster care.

Our mission is "to connect the wishes and needs of children in Virginia Beach foster care with the generosity of our community. We provide the resources and support needed to give these children the opportunity to grow into positive and productive members of our community".

5341 Children in VA Foster Care Alone

20.6 Months

Average Time in State Care

31.9 Months

Average Wait for Adoption

49.5% of Foster Care Children Age 13+

30.0% Plan to Return Home

48.5% Female

59.2% White

28.3% Black

Foster Care - The Numbers (Virginia DSS, Aug. 2021)