"Our kids had the best time [on the field trip] and are still talking about it.  It was and is incredibly kind for you guys to take such good care of them."

"Thank you for paying the money so I could go to Hunt Club Camp.  It was so much fun.  I loved all of it, but the horses were my favorite!!!"

These quotes are testimonials and thank yous from foster children, foster families, and members of our community that recognize our efforts and actions to enhance the lives of foster children.

"Thank you for the Prom event and everything you do for the kids, you bless the children and the families."

"Thank you for this wonderful miracle that happened to me. I love my fun experience it was amazing & wonderful. Thank you for all your help just for me to come to this camp."

"I am very thankful for having people or a role model like you in my life.  I am very excited about my new coat and bike and I will never ever, ever forget how kind you are."

"Thank you for getting me NY Giants tickets... You don't know how much of an impact this has been for me... You have shown me the good path and I thank you."

"[Our] Recreation Center is filled with gratitude for the support of our "Once Upon a Prom" initiative"

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating towards me going to James Madison University...with your help, I now have everything I need to go to college."

"Thank you for providing us with art camp.  I learned how to use an air brush, make beautiful spray paint art, and pottery.  Also, thank you for surf camp.  I loved it!"

"You have put smiles on the faces of our children in foster care, as well as made our jobs easier.  Thank you for being a champion for our kids."

"All that you do for these kids is so special and so amazing. I am always blown away."

"Thank you for all you do for the VB foster kids."

"[Thank you] for helping those less fortunate and [we're] counting on organizations like yourself stepping up to make a difference"

"So proud of all you do for foster children. Keep up the great work"

"Thank you for the trip to summer camp! It was so fun!"

"Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for [Santapalooza].  It was absolutely wonderful.  The kids’ eye lit up, and they were so excited.  They are still excited!  We love you and thank you so much for what you’re doing for our children."

“I just wanna say I really appreciate all that you and social services do… And I really do especially care for you guys like a family. I mean, I love all of you guys and y’all are amazing. I am just very grateful.”

"You have touched my heart and truly blessed our family with a triple stroller.  I will be forever grateful for this gift.  Having three children under the age of 4 can sometimes be challenging.  With the stroller, it takes away a little bit of the challenge."

"Thank you for all of your help with college, independent living, and life after foster care.  You all have been supportive and overly kind to me."

"Thank you for everything you all do.  I had two children placed with me yesterday, one infant and a seven-year-old girl.  I just had the opportunity to go through the gifts you put together.  What a blessing."

"Thank you for everything.  I had lots of fun at the summer camps.  The gifts were great and [it] was fun too.  Thank you very much!"

"[Thank you] for allowing myself and friends to help with your outreach. It was a blessing to us all!"

"Thank you for including us and allowing us to join the adventure at the Adventure Park. We look forward to the double black diamond next year!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for the guitar and all its equipment... I also appreciate the Logan's card!"