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We are beginning to offer some volunteer opportunities as it becomes safe to do. Consider offering your time and talent, whether artistic, organizational, or otherwise. 


​Do you have new items to donate that a foster child could find use from? CWW gratefully accepts home furnishings, clothes, luggage, school supplies, and more.


​From shopping with Amazon Smile to considering fostering, there are tons of ways to chip in. Read more to find the perfect way to help.

get involved

We rely on the community to fulfill our mission, and we're excited that you're looking into helping out! There are a lot of ways to chip in at CWW -- from volunteering, to donating, to ordering online with special codes.

promo codes

When you shop online, some stores offer to donate part of your order total to Connect With a Wish. It adds no cost to you, and helps contribute to our cause. Try shopping with Amazon Smile, and use the promo code PIZZA4CWW when you order from Papa John's online.


A huge commitment, with even greater rewards. Can you take in a child in need? Please, if you are considering fostering a child, get in contact with your city's Human Services Department or us to learn more. For Virginia Beach, please contact Ryan Jones: 757-385-3272,

wish list

Help us with our shopping! Connect With a Wish regularly sources and purchases essentials for our programs - from books and baby toys, to laptops to bed frames. Consider visiting our Amazon wish list and getting something for us - it means a lot when it arrives at our door!