Foster Care is a term used for a system in which a minor is in the legal guardianship or custody of a state, county, private adoption, or foster care agency.  Most of these children are cared for by foster parents. Many of these children are placed in group homes and institutions as well.


        Most children in foster care have experienced some type of abandonment, neglect, or abuse, and some may have special needs.  These children are living what most of us would call a nightmare: living without forever parents, bouncing from one home to another hoping to find a place, a room, and parents to call their own.  


        These children are missing their families while trying to overcome adversity on all levels. They have not chosen this path, but we can help to brighten the path. Connect With a Wish is here to give our community an avenue to connect with these children in foster care on a level where we can make a difference in their lives. 

Numbers and Statistics
- Over 402,000 kids are in foster care in the US; half have a case goal to be reunited with family members.
 - The average age of a child in foster care is 8.9 years old.
 - In Virginia there were 4,999 children in foster care (2013).
 - Average length of stay in foster care is 19 months.

 - 54% of children in foster care get a high school diploma.
 - Less than 2% go to college.
 - 25% of foster children end up homeless, in prison, or addicted to drugs.
 - There are over 250 youths in Virginia Beach foster care (approx.100 of which are 13 - 21 yrs old)

Foster Care Information